Police Department Goes Viral for Posting Photos of Elsa From 'Frozen' Getting Arrested During Polar Vortex

The Midwest is under the frigid grasp of a polar vortex right now, and now one police department [...]

The Midwest is under the frigid grasp of a polar vortex right now, and now one police department in Illinois is going viral having shared photos of the culprit for these chilly temperatures being arrested -- none other than Elsa, the Queen of Arendell from Frozen.

The McLean Police Department took to Facebook on Tuesday to jokingly warn residents of the town that criminal acts -- among others -- have been cancelled and they're not even tolerating Elsa in these frigid temperatures. You can check out the post below.

Of course, it's so cold outside right now that the McLean Police didn't actually go out and arrest Elsa. Instead, the photos they shared came the police in Hanahan, South Carolina. Back in December of 2017, Tammy Sakalas of Sakalas Photography and Lindsay Page of Glass Slipper Productions partnered with the Hanahan Police Department for a photoshoot featuring the police arresting Elsa in response to a Kentucky "arrest warrant" for the Disney character after a cold snap burdened the area.

Now, before anyone gets too concerned, Elsa didn't actually do any jail time for her cold mischief. The princess was sentenced to community service and that's a good thing since she's needed for the upcoming Frozen 2. The sequel film is expected in theaters in November and while not much is known about the film yet, an image from the film started making the rounds a few weeks ago that might be giving a few insights.

The photo came from a Russian calendar and featured both Anna and Elsa. Instagram user "the cursed prince" translated the description that came with the calendar, revealing that the film will see Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf heading deep into the forest to learn an ancient truth regarding the kingdom. We don't know what that mystery is exactly, but with all of this cold one thing is for sure: the Midwest won't be too upset if Elsa just lets this whole polar vortex thing go and heads off to tackle that mystery. Maybe we can even get the police to drop the charges. It only seems fair.

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Frozen 2 hits theaters on November 22nd, 2019.