Iron Man 3: The Mandarin’s Captain America Tattoo

The Mandarin's Tattoo

With the first official full length trailer for Iron Man 3 released last night, the Internet is speculating and buzzing about various scenes. Besides the barefoot and tattered pants leg scene creating speculation about a Hulk cameo in Iron Man 3, another scene in the trailer hints at another Marvel Comics superhero. When The Mandarin pulls down his hood, a tattoo can be seen for just a split second on the back of his neck. A quick freeze frame shows that this tattoo appears to be the Captain Americashield logo with some minor modifications.

The Mandarin's Captain America Tattoo

The Mandarin's Captain America tattoo has the familiar red and white circles around the outer edges, but the center is different. Instead of a star in the center, there is an A symbol for anarchy on The Mandarin's tattoo. Is this tattoo just a clever little Captain America easter egg that Marvel Studios dropped into the movie? Or will Captain America be referenced by The Mandarin in Iron Man 3? Will the Captain America shield with an "A" for anarchy be some type of symbol for The Mandarin's terrorist organization? Since Captain America's shield was included as an easter egg in Iron Man 2, odds are it's just another easter egg, but it could always turn out that the symbol plays a bigger role in the movie's plot.

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Iron Man 3 is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 3, 2013.