Iron Man 3 Trailer: Five Freakiest Scenes

What makes for an epic movie trailer? An epic movie trailer is one that resonates with people [...]

Iron Man 3 Giant Bunny Explosion

What makes for an epic movie trailer? An epic movie trailer is one that resonates with people strongly enough that it creates interest in seeing the movie and also inspires parody videos. Just think about how many parody videos there were for The Dark Knight Rises, which was like a free viral marketing campaign for that movie. Our guess is that the Iron Man 3 trailer has just the right mix of action, drama, and weirdness that we can expect the parody videos to start arriving any day now. Here are the five freakiest scenes from Iron Man 3. The Giant Bunny In The ExplosionThe Mandarin hates bunnies. He sent his helicopters to blow up Tony Stark's Malibu mansion. Some might think it was Iron Man that he was after, but we know it's the giant stuffed bunny that is the real target. However, the bunny was unphased by the attack. As Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are sent flying through the air, the bunny just sits there calmly.

Iron Man 3 dunce capThe Robot With A Dunce Cap

– Iron Man strikes a pose, while a robot wearing a dunce cap busts through glass to pull the head off an armor suit in the background. Why didn't the robot just open the glass before attempting to retrieve the head of the armor suit? Maybe that is why the robot is wearing a dunce cap.

Iron Man attacks Pepper PottsIron Man Suit On Top Of Pepper Potts

– As Tony Stark sleeps peacefully, Pepper Potts reaches to put her arm around him. Suddenly, the Iron Man suit is on top of her, staring right down in her face. Pepper looks terrified, but is she terrified that the Iron Man suit has apparently come alive with no one in it or is she terrified that Tony Stark is going to wake up and catch her in a compromising position with the Iron Man suit?

Iron Man attacks Tony StarkIron Man Suit On Top Of Tony Stark

– If the Iron Man suit was putting a romantic move on Pepper Potts, then it appears as if the Iron Man suit has more than just Pepper on its mind. The Iron Man suit also appears to be putting the moves on Tony Stark in another scene.

The Mandarin's TattooThe Mandarin's Captain America Tattoo

– In addition to having a big, booming voice that has proven to be a little controversial, The Mandarin also has a rather unusual tattoo. The tattoo appears to be Captain America's shield logo with an "A" for anarchy in the center rather than a star. Is the tattoo just a drunken mistake that The Mandarin made one night in college? Or is it some type of warped logo for his terrorist organization? Of course, some suspect that maybe it's not really The Mandarin at all with the tattoo and is someone else in disguise as The Mandarin.