Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Tease Of A Masked Comeback Has Fans Hoping For Flashpoint Batman

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is no stranger to comic book adaptations. With Morgan still playing the recurring role of Negan on The Walking Dead for AMC, and having recently found his mask from the live action adaptation of Watchmen that arrived in 2009 as a feature length film, fans are clamoring for a new comic book role for Morgan to step into. In the movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jeff took on the role of Thomas Wayne who was, of course, unceremoniously gunned down, causing his son Bruce on the path to become Batman. In an alternate reality in the comics, Thomas Wayne is the one to become Batman and fans are pushing for this to happen!

Of course, the tweet was sent out by Jeffrey Dean Morgan himself, finding his old mask of the Comedian's, while also hoping for a "masked return" to take place in 2020, which could allude to a return to the Watchmen franchise or perhaps some form of coming into the fold as the DC's Flashpoint Batman:

So who is the "Flashpoint Batman"? Well as we stated earlier, its an alternate reality version of Thomas Wayne who sees his wife Martha and his son Bruce gunned down in Crime Alley within the bowels of Gotham City. With Bruce dying and Martha surviving to become a new twisted version of the Joker, Thomas begins as a new, grimmer version of the Dark Knight, deciding to put an end to the villains of Gotham permanently.


With the DC Cinematic Universe taking a departure from having a universe wherein all the stories connect, with the likes of Joker and Wonder Woman 1984 creating stories that show off different parts of the universe via alternate realities, fans figure the same could be said for an emergence of Flashpoint's Batman. Whether or not he will appear in the movies is another question, as the upcoming Batman film most likely won't have this aspect of the Bat-lore coming into play.

There is another option that could be explored, as the DC CW universe is continuing to dive into alternate realities at a steady pace, with Crisis On Infinite Earths introducing numerous versions of Batman, Superman, The Flash, and other DC mainstays. Who's to say whether or not Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldn't one day appear as the bitter version of Thomas Wayne, looking to find revenge for his lost son.

If you'd like to see more of Thomas Wayne's character, Tom King's recent Batman run focused heavily on Bruce's father, painting him as something of a villain trying to stop his son from continuing his career as Batman.