John Wick 4 Stars Pay Tribute to Lance Reddick at Film's World Premiere

Days after the passing of Lance Reddick, the cast and crew of John Wick: Chapter 4 assembled for the film's red carpet premiere in Hollywood. Reddick was in the minds of all who attended, with the likes of Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne both recounting the fond memories they shared with their late costar.

"Lance was a beautiful person, special artist, a man of grace and dignity, and had such a passion for his craft," Reeves told Deadline at the premiere. "To have the chance to work with him over 10 years and four films is something that's very special to me and it f-cking sucks he's not here."

Fishburne got equally emotional on the carpet, saying Reddick was one of the foundational blocks of the franchise.

"We love Lance," Fishburne told THR. "We miss Lance. He's the heart of these movies in many movies. We lost our brother, but we made a beautiful movie and it's the best of all of them. I think people are going to love it and, you know, that's what it's about. At the end of the day, he wouldn't want us to not do this."

Reddick was found dead at his Studio City home on the morning of March 17th. No cause of death was reported, and law enforcement officials say the actor's passing appeared to be of natural causes.

"Lance was taken from us far too soon," a statement from Reddick's wife Stephanie read. "Thank you for all your overwhelming love, support and beautiful stories shared on these platforms over the last day. I see your messages and can't begin to express how grateful I am to have them."

"And to the thousands of Destiny players who played in special tribute to Lance, thank you," the statement continued. "Lance loved you as much as he loved the game. Donations may be made to in Baltimore, his hometown."

John Wick: Chapter 4 will hit theaters on March 24th. What other John Wick Universe spinoffs would you like to see? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter!