Justice League Snyder Cut to Have 10-Minute Intermission

Though most DC fans will watch Zack Snyder's Justice League for the first time in their homes when [...]

Though most DC fans will watch Zack Snyder's Justice League for the first time in their homes when it premieres on HBO Max, the director has been angling for a theatrical component to its release for many weeks now. Speaking in a new interview, Snyder revealed that when the movie eventually does play in theaters it will feature one thing that no other superhero movie has ever had, an intermission. As you may recall, Snyder's extended cut clocks in at four hours long (not to mention the end credits) and the director has revealed that a ten minute break will appear in the middle of the movie for those seeing it in cinemas.

"It's 4 hours of picture and then the credits," Snyder revealed to I MINUTEMEN (H/T The Direct). "I think it does go over 4 hours by a few minutes but that's you know, 'cause of the titles, 'cause there's a lot of people that worked on the movie. If ever the movie is ever to be viewed in the cinema, we have a 10-minute intermission which is built into the movie. [It] has like a beautiful suite of music, so that adds an extra 10 minutes to the movie."

Snyder has spoken before about his cut of the film screening theatrically at some point, which might be the only way that international fans might be able to see the film since the HBO Max streaming service has not yet rolled out in territories beyond the United States. A June date was previously announced for Latin America expansion with European component scheduled for later in the year. It's unclear how fans in those areas will be able to see the film when it debuts in the US at the end of March.

"The reality is the way distribution works, Warner Bros. and HBO Max they have to make deals with all these different territories and there's this super complicated process of how they sell the movie," Snyder previously said while appearing on Ping Pong Flix. "But barring that and with any kind of luck, in places where maybe HBO Max doesn't exist or something like that, there might be an opportunity to grab some IMAX screens....It is my ideal and deep dream and hope that we will be able to screen this movie for fans in IMAX. Whether it be once or a hundred times I'm not sure, but that is really what I would love to see."

All four hours of Zack Snyder's Justice League will be available to stream on HBO Max on March 18. The film was recently confirmed to be Rated-R for "violence and some language," something Snyder previously predicted thanks to the amount of fight scenes and, as he put it, a sequence where Batman drops an F-bomb.