Zack Snyder Hopes for Theatrical Release for His Justice League Cut

As tomorrow will mark the three year campaign to "Release the Snyder Cut," and fans of Zack Snyder and his mysterious cut of the film are set to get their wish next year sometime. When the extended version of the movie is released it will be done exclusively on the HBO Max streaming service, with the four hour movie divided into four episodes for the streamer. It's unclear how long the film will like on the service before a theoretical release on home media, but in a new interview Snyder says he's still hopeful that this extended cut will be able to screen in movie theaters at some point, even if it's a long ways away.

I love the movies, I love the theatrical experience, I'm a huge advocate. If it's possible I would love there to be a theatrical component to Justice League," Snyder said while appearing on Ping Pong Flix. "It's a little above my pay grade as far as distribution. The reality is the way distribution works, Warner Bros. and HBO Max they have to make deals with all these different territories and there's this super complicated process of how they sell the movie. But barring that and with any kind of luck, in places where maybe HBO Max doesn't exist or something like that, there might be an opportunity to grab some IMAX screens."

Snyder continued, adding that he hopes once the coronavirus pandemic is under control and the film has been on HBO Max for some time that this dream can become a reality. "I've said this, it is my ideal and deep dream and hope that we will be able to screen this movie for fans in IMAX. Whether it be once or a hundred times I'm not sure, but that is really what I would love to see....It would be after, we would release the movie on HBO Max and then we would take those dedicated few to the big, big, big screen and just go nuts."

As we know Snyder shot all of the original footage of Justice League and will present his cut of the movie in the IMAX aspect ratio of 1.43:1, giving it less of a rectangular look as compared to traditional 16:9 widescreen format and even his other DC movies.


There's no word yet on when Zack Snyder's Justice League releases on HBO Max, but the project is supposed to hit the streamer sometime in 2021. Stay tuned tomorrow for what we can only assume will be a Darkseid-sized amount of news regarding the project.