Kevin Smith Is Hosting a Special Streaming Event for His 50th Birthday

Happy (almost) Birthday, Kevin Smith! The director known for Clerks, Mallrats, and more is turning 50 on August 2nd. In addition to his films, Smith is known for various podcasts and has been keeping busy in quarantine by making shows and working on his script for the upcoming Mallrats sequel. On Sunday, Smith will be celebrating his birthday with a live stream where he'll be answering 50 questions in honor of his 50 years. You can learn more about the event, which costs $10 to join, below:

"THIS SUNDAY! Watch me age right before your very eyes as I answer one query for every year I’ve been alive! Join us for 50 YEARS, 50 QUESTIONS: A STREAMING WITH KEVIN SMITH! As I officially turn 50 (at 2:45pm), you can stare at my face and see if the gray begins! If you get picked, you can ask me anything! Hours are 2 to 4, but I’ll keep going until we hit 50 answers! Tix available at the link in my bio! (Awesome Art by @thedarknatereturns!)," Smith wrote. You can check out the post here:

Recently, Smith spoke with's Chris Killian during Talking Shop, and discussed everything from the Snyder Cut to his Mallrats sequel. As for the live-action Clerks movies, after years of development and differing drafts, it seems like the third film in the series will finally go in front of cameras in the near future. Smith has previously broken down the overall plot of the film, and a recent tweet revealed that the new movie will (unsurprisingly) take place almost entirely at Quick Stop.

Will you be taking part in Smith's birthday live stream? Tell us in the comments!

You can watch Smith's latest movie, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, on Amazon Prime.