Kevin Smith Is Sharing Mean Tweets About His Movies

The haters can't keep Kevin Smith down. The filmmaker known for Clerks and Mallrats has had some hit or miss movies over the years, but almost all of them have some sort of cult following. Smith has plenty of upcoming projects in the works, including a Mallrats sequel, and your tweets bashing his past films don't seem to phase him. In fact, he's been sharing tweets today that put down 2014's horror/comedy Tusk as well as his most recent movie, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. While Tusk wasn't well-received (the movie has a 45% critics score and 36% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes), there are plenty of us who think it's a good time. As for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, the movie faired much better with a 66% critics score and 94% audience score. In fact, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot managed to beat some impressive box office records. No matter how you feel about either movie, Smith is using your nasty tweets to promote them.

“.@ThatKevinSmith you sir, are something else. I will never in my life understand how you got a $3M budget to film a movie as trash as 'Tusk'. I would rather watch Charlie do 2 hours worth of doing the Renegade than ever watching any movie you even think of producing,” @jnmegatron tweeted. “Happy to see @tuskthemovie is still out there making friends and influencing audiences years after it debuted! #WalrusYes forever! (To be fair, I too never understood *how* we got $3 mil to make #TUSK, but I do understand *why*. Let me tell you a story...,” Smith replied.

@ThatKevinSmith you should be put in a home for making Tusk. I want to spit on you. Seek help immediately,” @SarahMunday17 wrote. “Another new @tuskthemovie fan! After 26 yrs, this is the first review I’ve ever gotten that invokes above-the-waste bodily fluids (I’ve been told my movies made folks ‘bust a nut’ laughing or that my movie is 'shit'; but nobody’s ever been classy enough to offer a saliva salute),” Smith replied.

Someone else wondered why Smith would give these rude people attention, and the director explained. “I hate that @ThatKevinSmith responds to his haters. I have been tweeting that guy for years and never a reply,” @PassiveJay wondered. “I like to repurpose negative Tweets that slam some movie I’ve made into an opportunity to promote that movie to a new audience. It’s free advertising: because of that Tweet, more people will try out @tuskthemovie. Some may loath but others will go full-walrus and love! #WalrusYes,” Smith explained.


Finally, he shared some hate for Reboot. “We all know you’re capable of making good movies. Why not just make one instead of abortions like the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot?,” @Devilsrain729 asked. “(For example...) Are you in the market for a movie that some have called an 'abortion'? Make the pro choice and check out #JayAndSilentBobReboot TODAY - only on @PrimeVideo,” Smith replied. You can check out all of the tweets below:

Keep doing you, Kevin!