Man Of Steel: Evidence Mackenzie Gray Has Big Role

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Several months ago no one thought that there was any possibility of Lex Luthor appearing in the Man of Steel. It was pretty firmly established that the villains were just General Zod and his cohorts. However, as reported by, there were rumors from sources claiming to have seen early Man of Steel screenings that Lex Luthor was at least referenced in Man of Steel. Since the rumors came from anonymous sources, we reported them with a grain of salt. However, when Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer basically suggested that people shouldn't assume Lex Luthor wasn't in the movie, things started to get interesting. Ain't It Cool News went on record claiming they heard from a source that Lex Luthor has a substantial role in Man of Steel. They even found an old video clip where former Smallville actor Mackenzie Gray mentions having a role in Man of Steel that he can't reveal. However, from Mackenzie Gray's brief comment, it's hard to interpret whether he has a substantial role or a minor cameo. Well, Good Movies Bad Movies uncovered a little more evidence in regards to Mackenzie Gray's role. Mackenzie Gray's friend AdaPia d'Errico made a blog post a year ago stating, "I don't often get to dress for nights out like this one! With my friend and Vancouver actor extraordinaire (and in the upcoming 2013 Man of Steel with a big role), Mackenzie Gray, at the Vancouver Fashion Week Opening Gala." While this still isn't proof that Mackenzie Gray is Lex Luthor, it certainly adds support to the Ain't It Cool News rumor. When you add together David S. Goyer's comment with the fact that Mackenzie Gray has a "big role" that he can't reveal, we can't really think of anyone he would be playing besides Lex Luthor.