Sam Neill and Patrick Gibson Address if They Want a Marvel Role

Jurassic World Dominion star Sam Neill talked about his prospects for the MCU in a recent interview. Sirius XM's Fitzy & Wippa show with Kate Ritchie talked to Patrick Gibson and his friend this week. During the interview, the Jurassic Park star expressed very little interest in becoming a Marvel superhero at some point. It feels like clarity around the sci-fi concepts are what eludes Neill at this point in his career. He's made a lot of franchise films at this point, so maybe that's just not a goal anymore. At any rate, it sounds like he's powerful enough making wine in his spare time.

"I'm not sure what sort of superpower, what would what would you like to endow me with," Neill asked. One of the hosts joked about his superhuman ability to turn grapes into wine. "That's a very good idea and it's the sort of thing that would go down well in in the Marvel Universe. I don't have any real ambitions in the Marvel world. Do you want to be in the Marvel world?"

Gibson would quip that he's in a position to just accept what he's given at this point. The Jurassic Park star joked that he could be flying around or shrink like Ant-Man. His friend thinks that miniature hero is the way to go. Neil basically wrapped it up by saying he would like some clarity as his superpower. "I tend to want this as a superpower, to know which planet you're on in a Marvel film."

So, There Will Be More Dinosaurs Right?

Recently, the actor has been honest about his involvement with the Jurassic Park franchise. In a recent interview, the star explained that he had to be convinced to come back for the last iteration. Jurassic World Dominion would not be the same without Neill in tow. Check out what he had to say right here.

"Oh, no, I wasn't automatically," Neill said. "I was getting rumors from my agent that Universal was talking about this, and they wanted me and Jeff and Laura to be in it, but I didn't really want to be in something where I'd just be playing a cameo. That was not really interesting to me. But I went to Sitges to a film festival there and I met [co-writer and director] Colin Trevorrow there. He took me out to lunch. We had a long lunch, quite a lot of paella and a bottle or two of [indistinguishable] and yeah, and I was well persuaded by the end of that. So that was about October before we started shooting. We were supposed to start in February, I think. It ended up being more like May, June, of the next year, 2020. So it's been quite a long time in gestation when you think about it."

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