McDonalds Announces Black Panther Wakanda Forever Happy Meals

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is getting some new Happy Meal toys over at McDonalds. The company announced that today is the official rollout for the movie's tie-in. Marvel is giving all the little one a chance to celebrate their inner hero with ten super hero toys based on characters from the movie. Favorites from the first Black Panther like Shuri and Okoye are in tow alongside newcomers from the sequel including Namor and Ironheart. However, the figures won't be available forever, this is a limited time promotion, while supplies last. Marvel and their partnerships are pulling out all the stops for Wakanda Forever. You can check out an image of these toys right down below. Also, the company spoke about the impact of Black Panther and how it relates to their business.

"The first Black Panther movie inspired a new generation of Marvel lovers – and that's because of the powerful story it told, brought to life by an incredibly talented  cast," said Jennifer Healan, VP of U.S. Marketing, Brand Content and Engagement at McDonald's. "It set a whole new standard for representation on the big screen. And now, we're excited to bring that experience to our restaurants and help fans see and celebrate their inner hero with this new Happy Meal – because seeing is believing."

(Photo: McDonalds)

Marvel Studios and Representation

In a previous BBC interview, Marvel Producer Victoria Alonso said that the studio was trying to make sure they could represent a lot of diverse characters on-screen with their work. 

"You don't get to have this kind of success if the entire world doesn't see your product. So we are determined to have everyone of those people represented in our films, in some way, at some point in time," Alonso told the outlet. "Now, we only make two or three movies a year, so it's difficult to have every single one — but it is definitely one of the things that we have in our minds all the time."

"I think we haven't represented the Latin community, in general. I think that's something we have to do better. I'm Latin, I can tell you that I'm longing for that. The gay community has not been represented whatsoever. I'm gay, so I can tell you that I would long for that," she continued. "I think we haven't represented the Asian community well, I think we've had some representation, but it's minimal — and we would like to represent that, in a big way."

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