New The Nightmare Before Christmas Fashions Hit Hot Topic For Christmas or Halloween In July

It's Christmas and / or Halloween in July (depending on your point of view) thanks to Hot Topic, [...]


It's Christmas and / or Halloween in July (depending on your point of view) thanks to Hot Topic, who have released yet another collection of fashions inspired by the 1993 Tim Burton classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. The collection includes button-up shirts, sweater vests, t-shirts, tops, skirts, and dresses with some of the best designs that we've seen in their NBX collection to date.

You can shop the entire wave of new The Nightmare Before Christmas looks here at Hot Topic. There are designs for men and women, with plus size options. At the time of writing, everything is 20% off with the code HT20.

Retailers appear to be going big on early Halloween and Christmas celebrations this year, though The Nightmare Before Christmas is becoming a real year-round thing. That's no surprise given the growing popularity of the film. Composer Danny Elfman recently chimed in on the phenomenon:

"When it came out, I did a two-day press junket and virtually every interview started with: 'Too scary for kids, right?'," Elfman, who composed the music and provided the singing voice of Jack Skellington, recalled to Variety. "I think that's why Disney was like, 'What do we do with this thing? We're a family film company.' So to come back years later and to see families out there, and to be getting recordings of people's kids who are 4 years old singing 'What's This' or 'This is Halloween,' makes me really feel blessed. It's like a second life and proving them wrong."

He continued, "And to Disney's credit, after a decade or 15 years, they recognized that there was still this following, and they started putting energy back into it. This time they understood what it was. And not many companies would have done that — pick up a decade-old film and put energy into it. I consider the persistence of Nightmare Before Christmas to be one of my real pleasures in life."

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