Robert Downey Jr Praises the Russo Brothers for Their Leadership on the Avengers Movies

The team behind Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame seem to have become a tightly knit family. Many of the cast members continue to work with the directors of the film in future projects, such as Thor actor Chris Hemsworth leading the Extraction movie Anthony Russo and Joe Russo at AGBO Films. Still to come, Spider-Man himself Tom Holland is starring in their next directorial effort in Cherry. The relationships between these actors and filmmakers was praised during and Instagram live chat which brought Robert Downey Jr. in for a talk with Joe Russo during a Quarantine Watch Party.

According to the Iron Man actor, he values the relationship with the Russo Brothers so much that he was willing to cut his own hair and sit on a toilet to create a good background for the chat, one of the things he revealed while recalling his time working on the biggest movie of all time. "We were all in a real groove and I think it was such a collaborative... It wasn't exhausting," he said. "It should've been exhausting and it wasn't."

By the actor's account, it sounds like he had a great time making the film despite it being such a massive undertaking. "It was that desire, we all wanted to get in where we fit in. We all wanted to make you proud. We all wanted Kevin to know that we understood the gravity of what we were doing," Downey Jr. said. "Even though we were goofing around half the time, I'd say 49% of the time, this was a real quality 51%."

Putting in extra effort wasn't a tough call for him or his co-stars because they were following the lead of the Russo Brothers. "At this point in the shoot, it's well documented, you and your dear brother, it was like a push up contest after a marathon," Downey Jr. said. "There's something about that, when you lead from the front the way you two did, you're kind of like, 'I gotta be working weekends. I gotta put my best foot forward, too.' Again, I commend you. It's why I stayed so close to this day. It's why I love your family. It's why I'm talking to you whether we got business to do or not. It's because we forged that bond."

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