The Old Guard's Greg Rucka Wants A Gotham Central Movie

Greg Rucka has several of his efforts from comics writing in developmental stages of becoming [...]

Greg Rucka has several of his efforts from comics writing in developmental stages of becoming live-action adaptations. Right now, he is gearing up for the release of The Old Guard, a Netflix film based on the popular miniseries he wrote for Image Comics. However, as the writer whose idea often call for high-concept plots with well-seeded reveals along the way is excited to see Gina Prince-Bythewood's direction of his story come to life as a film, there are still other titles which he believes could make for good movie adaptations. Chief among them are titles he wrote for DC Comics!

"I'm fortunate right now that a lot of my stuff that I would like to see become live action, is in various stages of development," Rucka said in an interview with "I will say I think if there was one thing that I really wanted to go back and see done as live-action thing, I can actually give you two and they're both DC properties. Gotham Central. Actually Gotham Central. Not fake Gotham Central. Not Gotham Central with the numbers filed off but Gotham Central, I would like to see."

Gotham Central was a police procedural comic series written by Rucka and Ed Brubaker. The story focused mainly on the Gotham City Police Department in the crime riddled city which Batman calls home. The series was popular among those fans who have read it but was plagued with sales problems, never cracking the top 100, ultimately being canceled in the aftermath of the Infinite Crisis event but not before a three year run. In fact, Rucka became a character in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation comic tie-in Dying in the Gutters as a character believed to have murdered a comics gossip writer while actually meaning to get Joe Quesada for cancelling the Gotham Central series.

Gotham Central was not the only DC Comics property Rucka would live to see adapted. "I would not say no if somebody came along and said we wanna do live-action Hiketela," Rucka says. If somebody wanted to do Wonder Woman: The Hiketela, with her stepping on Batman's head. You know it would be, 'cause that's actually a low-budget superhero movie. You can do that for about 40 million. That would be pretty cool."

As for Rucka's popular Lazarus comic series, the writer is eager to see it in development, but he can merely say, "We're working on it!"

Watch's full interview with Rucka and Leandro Fernandez in the video above. What comics would you like to see become a movie or TV series? share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!

The Old Guard is available on Netflix on July 10.