'Pacific Rim Uprising' Announces "Hall of Heroes" Contest

Fans of Pacific Rim have a unique opportunity to enlist in the Kaiju War.Legendary has announced a [...]

Fans of Pacific Rim have a unique opportunity to enlist in the Kaiju War.

Legendary has announced a new contest to find the two biggest Pacific Rim superfans in the world. Those two fans will actually be inserted into the movie Pacific Rim Uprising as part of the Hall of Heroes.

Star John Boyega introduces the contest in the video above.

"Hey, guys, John Boyega here," Boyega says in the video. "I play jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost in my new movie Pacific Rim Uprising. Pacific Rim has some of the most creative fans in the world. Now your passion has inspired us every day to make sure this film delivers all the crazy awesomeness you guys deserve.

"So to say 'thank you,' I'm excited to announce that we're looking for two Pacific Rim superfans to become part of the movie. In Pacific Rim Uprising, we reveal the Shatterdome's Hall of Heroes, a memorial that shows holograms of all the greatest Jaeger pilots throughout the history of the Kaiju War. This is your chance to become a part of the lineup onscreen alongside Pacific Rim's most legendary heroes."

All fans have to do is share their Pacific Rim fandom story in whatever way most suits them.

"How are we going to find the biggest Pacific Rim superfans?" Boyega says. "Well, you're going to show us. Share your fandom, and it can be anything, from Jaeger cosplay, fan videos, Kaiju body armor, stories, music, tattoos, whatever. Show us how Pacific Rim has inspired you. Tell us your stories and you get a chance to become part of ours.

"We can't wait to see what you're going to come up with. Visit gojeager.com for more information and I'll see you in the drift."

The Pacific Pan Defense Corps will need all the aid they can get in battling the new Kaiju featured in Pacific Rim Uprising, as Boyega has previously explained.

"As you know, Pacific Rim 1 ended with Stacker Pentecost [Idris Elba] dying, and Raleigh [Charlie Hunnam] dying as well, and they feel like they've closed the Breach, but unfortunately the enemy has grown more intelligent and has other ways of doing things, and we are met with a rogue character," Boyega says.

Pacific Rim Uprising opens in theaters March 23, 2018.