Pauly Shore Has an Idea For Bio-Dome 2

Next week, comedy icon Pauly Shore will appear in Guest House, a new film in which he plays a house guest who refuses to leave, driving a young couple crazy in the process. It's a return to starring roles for the actor, who has spent the better part of the last decade playing either himself, or thinly-veiled versions of himself, in a series of TV and film appearances inspired by his public persona and informed by Pauly Shore is Dead, a clever and meta look at the comedian's legacy that riffed on him in the same way that moveis like JCVD and Adam West's role on Family Guy would do later.

With a return to acting, as opposed to stand-up, we asked Shore how to pitch Guest House to potential new fans. He said part of the appeal is the simplicity.

"What it's about? I play a guy that won't leave out of a guest house," Shore told "And then that's it, that's the joke, you know what I mean? There's nothing else, but that. It's like, I play a guy that goes in the army now. I play a guy that, we get stuck in the bio-dome. I play a guy that finds a caveman. I play a guy that won't leave out of a guest house. That's the pitch."

Because of that simplicity, Shore told that he can imagine where his characters are 20-odd years down the line for virtually all of his films, comparing their light tone and likable main characters to the Bill and Ted films, the latest of which is now on digital and on-demand.


"I think all of them," Shore said. "Bio-Dome would be great with me and Stephen [Baldwin] -- our kids get stuck in the bio-dome or something, you know what I mean? Or you can do Encino Man 2, all that stuff. I think these movies, Bill and Ted and my movie, are coming out at such a good time because of what's going on in the world. Everything is doom and gloom, and I think this will be a refreshing feeling for people, to watch something that definitely takes your mind off of what's going on in the world. A lot of it is timing. I don't know if the movie would do as well, if the world was just kind of moving at a hundred thousand miles per hour. Everything's kind of slowed down now."

You can catch Pauly Shore in Guest House on September 4 on-demand and for digital sale.