Quentin Tarantino Confronted Burglars In His Home

Director Quentin Tarantino had a scary affair with some burglars in his LA home, though luckily it [...]

Director Quentin Tarantino had a scary affair with some burglars in his LA home, though luckily it didn't turn out to be as bad as it could've been.

According to police two burglars broke into Tarantino's home around midnight on Sunday. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Tarantino heard the 2 men in the house, which are believed to have broken into through the back window. Those sources say that Quentin ended up finding the two burglars and "confronted them". It isn't described what "confronted them" all entailed, but it seems to have played out in a positive way, as both of them left his house shortly after.

They did end up stealing jewelry and some other property, but no one was hurt, and that's the important thing. At the moment the LAPD is looking for surveillance video to help ID their identities, and we'll keep you updated as this plays out.

Creating is probably the farthest thing from Tarantino's mind at the moment, but hopefully, once all this gets resolved he can resume work on his many projects. One of those that fans would love to see is his Star Trek idea, which would find inspiration from the original Star Trek episodes.

"They might have trapped themselves a little bit by the simple fact they have to use all the crew now," Tarantino told the Nerdist podcast. "In all the films (this was in 2015 by the way) they've established it so much, that you need Uhura, you need a Scotty, you need Bones, you need all that stuff going on all the time — everybody has to be represented in some big story where they all have to deal. Where I actually think it could be cool — 'cause some of those episodes are fantastic, and the only thing that limited them was their sixties budget and eight days shooting schedule, and even having said that they did a magnificent job — but you could take some of the great, classic Star Trek episodes and just easily expand them to 90 minutes or more and really do some really amazing, amazing stuff."

It turns out he has one particular episode in mind to kick things off.

"The obvious one would be The City on the Edge of Forever," Tarantino said. "That's what everyone would go to, but there's a reason why everyone would go to that! It's one of the classic stories of all time. And one of the great time travel stories."