'Ralph Breaks the Internet's Sarah Silverman Loves Being a Disney Princess

Disney fans have long been looking forward to Ralph Breaks the Internet, not only because it continues the story of Wreck-It Ralph, but also because it includes every single Disney Princess in the most ambitious crossover scene the studio has ever produced. Every canonical Disney Princess is involved in the scene, from Snow White to Moana, and the movie also manages to add a brand new name to the iconic roster.

Vanellope von Schweetz, voiced in both Ralph movies by Sarah Silverman, joins the ranks of Disney Princesses in the movie, teaching them that it's okay to be royal and wear comfy clothes. As you'd expect, Silverman is absolutely loving the fact that her adorable character is now palling around with the likes of Cinderella and Ariel, teaching them a thing or two.

We had the chance to ask Silverman at the Ralph Breaks the Internet press junket what it's like now being a Disney Princess.

"It's as cool as anything could possibly be for me," Silverman told us. "I mean, I love it. I love the way in which I get to be a Disney Princess, as a little, dare I say Jewish girl with an attainable waist and comfortable clothes."

Vanellope certainly breaks the mold of traditional Disney Princesses in the best and most empowering way possible, but that doesn't mean she skipped out on all the classic princess tropes. Like the other princesses, she too got her very own Disney song, written by the legendary Alan Menken.

"It's insane," Silverman said of her Disney song, which is aptly titled "A Place Called Slaughter Race". "So, about halfway through they were like, 'You're gonna have a song.' And I can't even believe it, it's a dream come true. And then I'm such a fan of Alan Menken's, not just because he has written the most iconic Disney songs, but he wrote my favorite musical Little Shop of Horrors. He was as awesome as I could imagine and it was a blast. You know, to sing is great, but to sing in the voice that is my highest register, it was challenging but it was alright."

If you don't know the name, Alan Menken wrote songs for Disney movies like Aladdin, Hercules, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast, to name a few.


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Ralph Breaks the Internet is now playing in theaters.