Hook Star Dante Basco Pays Tribute to Late Co-Star Robin Williams

Dante Basco had some nice words to say about his Hook co-star Robin Williams this week. The [...]

Dante Basco had some nice words to say about his Hook co-star Robin Williams this week. The beloved comedian would have been celebrating his 70th birthday on the 21st of this month. The Avatar: The Last Airbender actor had some thoughts for his Instagram followers that might make you a little emotional. Basco wasn't the beloved fandom staple he is now back when the movie was filming. Williams did everything in his power to make sure the young actors felt comfortable. All of Basco's family were big Dead Poets Society fans and made a gift for the man who had made them smile so many times. The Rufio actor has never forgotten how important that film was for his career. When he spoke to Comicbook.com last year, the star mentioned the special bond that the two shared.

He wrote, "I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to #RobinWilliams. This is a picture on the Sony lot during shooting when my brothers & cousin came to visit & we gave him a hat we made at Compton Indoor swap meet. We embroidered the name of our crew we created after watching #DeadPoetsSociety, it was the address of the garage we all lived in together growing up, '13607 1/2'. We wrote poems and raps and tried to live like they did in the movie & 'suck the marrow out of life.' He'll never know how much he's impacted my life… O captain, my captain… You are the Pan!"

In a past conversation with Comicbook.com, Basco described working with Robin Williams and Bob Hopkins.

"I mean they're great, great guys, both guys were amazing and were amazing to me as a young actor. Working on Hook, it was one of those films that, that's what people come to Hollywood to do," Basco explained. "Really it's a dream, a dream project for like, the reason why people get into cars and drive across country, or jump on a plane or a train or whatever, it's to do a film like Hook working with Spielberg at the height of his prowess, one of the greatest director that ever lived. Working with Robin Williams, and Bob Hopkins, and Dustin Hoffman and you're talking about "gods," really, in our industry. You look at legends everyday. It was so impactful to me as a young artist. I'd come to spend my days off to watch these guys work, to be in the presence of greatness and really see what they're doing and how they're doing it. Really, really amazing."

"I was a fan of Robin Williams since I was a very young kid cuz I love Mork and Mindy and watching films like The World According to Garp, you know, Dead Poets Society before I, which is still among my favorite films, before I got to work with Robin, and being on the set with him and really getting to interact with him and talk to him and such a loving guy," the actor said. "Same thing with Bob Hopkins. The class I grew up in we watched some of his English films before he got to America and did [Who Framed] Roger Rabbit? and things like that, you know some amazing, amazing work and your just a kid trying to a sponge soaking it all up."

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