Ryan Reynolds Reveals Secret For Making The Rock Laugh

Ryan Reynolds knows a thing or two about getting laughs out of people. The actor known best for his wisecracks as the Marvel character Deadpool has Red Notice on the way with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, one which is expected to arrive on Netflix later this year (pending the production getting back to work). The film managed to get deep into its production schedule but might have been able to wrap up before it had to shut down as a safety precaution if Reynolds didn't know the trick for getting The Rock to laugh so hard. While talking to Jimmy Fallon in a digital interview, Reynolds revealed the key to get the People's Champ to crack.

"I think one of the reasons I've been friends with him is he really laughs at himself which is one of the things I love about him," Reynolds said. "If you kind of parrot back his thing that he's doing in the movie, like if his line is, 'I'm special agent John Harvey of the FBI and if you parrot it back like 27% faster with a cuss word like, 'I'm special agent John Harvey of the FBI, motherf-cker!' He just, he's gone. He leaves the room and he never comes back."

The only way to stop the laughing from escalating is to intentionally hurt himself, Reynolds joked, by either punching himself really hard or maybe just a light stab wound.

A lot of these types of jokes were being made on the set of Red Notice, a bit of fun which Reynolds joked came at the expense of productivity. "We made it about 1 or 2 days past the half way point mark," he said. "We were just over the half way point msrk. Wee probably would've made it, we would've finished the movie if we didn't spend 90% of the time dicking around laughing. I've known Dwayne for like 15 years so we tend to spend time trying to make each other laugh which is a really irresponsible thing to do with Netflix, their money, but it makes for a really good movie once you get it in the can! Take 28, you're set."


Reynolds did, more seriously, reveal some details about Red Notice during the interview. "[Johnson] plays a totally normal size FBI agent. I play a con artist who happens bathed in expert lighting," he said. "Then, there's Gal Gadot who plays a mystery figure I don't want to giveaway." Maybe not, on the details.

Red Notice does not yet have a release date but Reynolds expects the production to get "right back into it" when the green light is given.

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