Scary Movie Star Details the Deputy Doofy Spinoff He Wants to Make

Following the major success of Scream and the resurgence of teen-centered slashers in the late [...]

Following the major success of Scream and the resurgence of teen-centered slashers in the late '90s, 2000's Scary Movie aimed to mock the most common tropes in such films, which earned multiple sequels and ushered in a new age of parody film. While many of the sequels featured performers returning repeatedly, actor Dave Sheridan only starred in that debut installment as Deputy Doofy, a send-up of David Arquette's Deputy Dewey from Scream. The actor recently detailed how he hopes to bring the character back for a series of shorts, which would allow him to continue to lampoon some of the most famous horror icons from cinema.

In Scary Movie, a small town is being terrorized by an unknown killer, similar to the plot of Scream, with the final scenes revealing that it was Deputy Doofy who was orchestrating these crimes, as he revealed his identity in a scene mirroring the finale of The Usual Suspects.

"It could be a really funny but captivating tale about 'Who is Doofy?' and really, 'Who is the guy that plays Doofy?' — because at the end [of the film] I take the mustache off and my hair's slicked back and I tear off the shirt and I'm a good looking guy," Sheridan detailed to The Production Meeting podcast.

The actor went on to note that he could see himself taking on the Hannibal Lecter role from The Silence of the Lambs as "a high profile serial killer in a plexiglass holding cell." Rather than sticking just with the Hannibal Lecter motif, Sheridan detailed hopes to lampoon a number of famous killers.

"It would be like an anthology. They would all be à la carte serial killer shorts," the actor expressed. "That could be cast with a lot of comedic actors. I think it would also fall into the realm of spoofs – recent ones that haven't been done yet like [Halloween] and Annabelle."

Following the debut film, audiences earned a total of four sequels, with only the first two earning R ratings and the final three all being rated PG-13. A number of the creatives involved with the series would go on to develop two A Haunted House films which, while not direct parodies, found ways to lampoon popular horror tropes.

Stay tuned for details on this possible Scary Movie spinoff.

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