Spider-Man Jackpot Movie In The Works At Sony With Marc Guggenheim Writing

The coronavirus pandemic might have taken a serious toll on all movie releases and productions, [...]

The coronavirus pandemic might have taken a serious toll on all movie releases and productions, but Sony is still looking to expand its growing Spider-Man universe of films by tapping Marc Guggenheim to develop a film based on the hero Jackpot, per Deadline. Both Morbius and Venom: Let There Be Carnage were slated to hit theaters this year, only to be delayed in the wake of theaters around the world closing, while projects focusing on Kraven the Hunter, Silk, and Madame Web are all reportedly in various stages in development. The next Spider-Man film is currently set to hit theaters on November 5, 2021.

The outlet describes the character as "a superheroine with exceptional strength, and her history in the comics is a complicated one. First incarnation was Sara Ehret, a scientist, who, while pregnant, is doing gene therapy research and is exposed to 'Lot 777,' a virus that rewrote the DNA in her cells. Her baby is born healthy but she realizes in addition to being a new mom she has superhuman strength after she is forced to save her family."

They add, "Eventually, she tired of the crime-fighting burden and hands the suit to Alana Jobson, an ambitious pal who takes over the character but must ingest a Mutant Growth Hormone to live up to Jackpot's superhuman abilities. Long story short, she is killed when teaming with Spider-Man to track down the villain Menace and is killed in action. A guilt-ridden Ehret returns to the job, keeping her identity secret as she raises a family while fighting crime."

Comic book fans are likely familiar with Guggenheim largely for his contributions to DC's Legends of Tomorrow, a series on which he made his directorial debut.

Recent years have been both a complicated and exciting time for Spider-Man fans, which largely stems from behind-the-scenes turmoil in regards to who owns the rights to the character and his large roster of supporting figures.

Marvel Studios famously made a deal with Sony, who purchased the rights to the characters back in the '90s, to allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, resulting in various collaborations between the studios. Complicating things was the debut of Venom in 2018, which served as a spinoff of the Spider-Man series yet didn't draw direct connections to Tom Holland's version of the character.

Sadly, the partnership between the two studios soured over the past year and saw various deals dissolve, effectively ending Holland's time in the popular franchise. After months of turmoil among fans, Marvel Studios and Sony came to an agreement about working together on a third Spider-Man film, while Sony independently continues to develop a number of other Spider-Man spinoffs.

Stay tuned for details on the Jackpot film.

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