Star Wars: The Last Jedi Fan Recreates Story as a Historic Tale

Fans have been sharing their love for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in a number of ways since the [...]

Fans have been sharing their love for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in a number of ways since the film's release, with one fan on Twitter recreating the entire narrative through a site billed as a "Historic Tale Construction Kit," imagining the story as a series of historical embroideries. From the first inception of Star Wars by creator George Lucas, he always intended to honor timeless tales of heroism, though imagined through a sci-fi lens, with the series of The Last Jedi homages proving just how effective the themes in that sequel remain, even when interpreted through a more timeless aesthetic. Check out @NoetticEdda's page for the complete series.

This display of passion for the film confirms just how much excitement still remains among fans, similar to the enthusiasm shown by Lucasfilm about writer/director Rian Johnson's contributions to the galaxy far, far away when they announced he would be developing a new trilogy of Star Wars films. Unfortunately, underwhelming reactions to films like Solo: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, in addition to the coronavirus pandemic complicating all movie and TV productions, means there have been no updates regarding when, or if, Johnson's films will move forward as expected.

One of the last updates on the project came in January of 2020, with Johnson claiming those plans were still active.

"I'm still talking to Lucasfilm but they haven't announced anything on their slate yet," Johnson confirmed with Variety more than a year ago.

In the time since that update, however, Lucasfilm announced that the next film to move forward would be Star Wars: Rogue Squadron from director Patty Jenkins.

Sadly, as is the nature of all passionate fandoms, not all of the reactions to The Last Jedi have been positive, with some audiences continuing to harass Johnson for years about the story he crafted. Even Frank Oz, who has brought Yoda to life since Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, felt inspired to react to one troll last November.

"It's sad to me that you've harbored this internal darkness for so long about a movie," Oz shared on Twitter in response to a user wishing the filmmaker feel pain for the rest of his life. "Rian is a great director, writer, & human being. Please try to understand that writers & directors are not there to fulfill the audience's expectations. Good work breaks expectations."

Stay tuned for updates on the potential future of Johnson's Star Wars films.

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