Glenn Howerton Shares Lex Luthor Fan Art, Fueling Superman: Legacy Casting Rumors

The Always Sunny star nearly the Star-Lord role in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy.

James Gunn has long stated his desire to work with Glenn Howerton, with the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star nearly landing the role of Star-Lord within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After a breakout performance in BlackBerry earlier this year, many fans have been fancasting the character to play Lex Luthor in Gunn's upcoming Superman: Legacy. Now, Howerton himself is egging the rumors on by sharing some fanart of how he could look in the role as the legendary Man of Steel villain.

Howerton shared the fan art to his Instagram stories over the weekend, simply expressing his wonder at the piece in question. See what Howerton could look like as Luthor below.


Howerton has also been a favorite of many to play Reed Richards in Matt Shakman's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, a role the actor himself has said he'd love to play.

"Somehow, in my mind, there's no chance that anything that I will ever do will be watched by people, and I don't know what that is, I think it's this sort of perpetual underdog thing that I feel, which makes no sense," the actor told The Movie Dweeb earlier this year. "But, no, look, it would be super fun, and obviously, the director, Matt Shakman, is a very close friend and an absolutely incredible director, so it'd be super fun to work with him again. But aint nobody called me about that yet, but I would accept that phone call."

"You get me Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four movie, I'll give you 75% of my…And by the way, I'm not joking, because I know they're not gonna pay me that much anyways," Howerton jokingly continued. "It's not gonna make that much of a dent. You go get me that role, I'll give you 75%, that's the deal."

The DC Universe officially kicks off with Creature Commandos, which has yet to set a release date, and Superman: Legacy, which enters theaters July 11, 2025.

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