The Batman Actor Says He Never Saw Colin Farrell's Penguin on Set

Since the first trailer for The Batman dropped at DC FanDome it's been the focal point of fan's [...]

Since the first trailer for The Batman dropped at DC FanDome it's been the focal point of fan's talks about the film. The footage from Matt Reeves' upcoming film revealed a first look at characters like Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, and Colin Farrell's transformative look as The Penguin. One might expect the other cast members on the film to have already seen what their co-stars look like in the movie, but in a new interview actor Peter Sarsgaard says the opposite, telling Collider: "I haven't been on set with (Farrell) at the same time. I haven't seen him." Taking it a step further, he hasn't even seen the trailer, but he's got a good reason for it.

"I think part of the way that I have always worked as an actor is like, I sort of pretend that I'm never going to see anything that I make so that I don't think about it," Sarsgaard said. "I don't envision premieres. I don't think about the final product at all. I almost just think about my job as an actor is so micro. It's so just like needle points that I don't like step back and think about what would my character's arc is or what the grand scheme of the whole thing is I'm just not like that. There've been movies of mine that I never saw."

Sarsgaard will take on the role of Gotham D.A. Gil Colson in the film, a newly created character for the feature (which has many speculating that he's secretly someone else). Elsewhere in the same interview he opened up about working with Matt Reeves on the movie, breaking down his process and paying him some major compliments.

"He is the most detailed oriented director I've ever encountered," Sarsgaard said."I mean the level of focus, you would have to have to direct the kind of movies that he has directed, but it's unbelievable. That's like a very specific type of mind and it's really fun working with him. He's very collaborative, but he totally knows what he wants. I would say 'what about something like this?' And he would think about it, 'Well, no, because of the thing' and he's got it in his mind in such a detailed way that it's almost like savant sort of situation."

This week saw The Batman officially delayed by Warner Bros. Pictures once again, who pushed back the movie's released date from October 1, 2021 until March 4, 2022.