The Batman: Peter Sarsgaard Explains What It's Like Working With Matt Reeves

When it comes to Matt Reeves' The Batman, there's a lot we don't know about the film. Even with [...]

When it comes to Matt Reeves' The Batman, there's a lot we don't know about the film. Even with the release of the film's first trailer during DC's FanDome in August giving fans their best look yet at Robert Pattinson in the title role as well as some interesting teases about the threat the vigilante will face, so many questions remain and while actor Peter Sarsgaard, who plays D.A. Gil Colson in the film isn't giving away any of the film's secrets, he is opening up about what it's like working with Reeves on the highly anticipated project.

Speaking with Collider, Sarsgaard described working with Reeves as being a lot of fun and noted that the director is very focused and very detail oriented, something that he appeared to have high praise for.

"He is the most detailed oriented director I've ever encountered. I mean, he is like, the level of focus, I mean, you would have to have to direct the kind of movies that he has directed, but it's unbelievable," Sarsgaard said. "That's like a very specific type of mind and it's really fun working with him. He's very collaborative, but he also, he totally knows what he wants. You know, I would say like, what about something like this? And he would think about it. Well, no, because of the thing and you know, he's like really, he's got it in his mind in such a detailed way that it's almost like savant sort of situation."

The level of detail Reeves brings to his project is something fans got a bit of a taste of during DC FanDome. During the panel for The Batman, Reeves was asked whether he read a comic that inspired the film which fans wouldn't have guessed. It was there Reeves pointed to Batman: Ego from Darwyn Cooke and had some very specific reasons why.

"I wanted to get into the mindset of the character, and I wanted to think of the psychology. For me, I think one of the cool deep dive ones was Darwyn's Ego. He's confronting the beast that is Batman and it's that kind of duality... there's a lot in what it's trying to do in the story about him confronting the shadow side of himself and the degree to which you have self-knowledge," he told fans.

"You're able to understand your motivations, but he's broken Batman and why he's doing all of these things for the reasons that he thinks is right and that have a heroic sort of grounding in them. There's also many things that are driven by the parts of himself he doesn't yet know, and so I would say that that kind of sort of psychological union, that sort of version is very much connected to the vision from Darwyn Cooke's Ego."

As for how that detail and focus will play out in the film, fans will have to wait just a little bit longer for that. The film has officially been pushed back to March 4, 2022.

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