The Batman Trailer Released in Glorious 4K HD

DC FanDome brought forth loads of content for fans of the comic book publisher on Saturday. From [...]

The Batman - DC FanDome Teaser from Matt Reeves on Vimeo.

DC FanDome brought forth loads of content for fans of the comic book publisher on Saturday. From our first look at James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, another trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, and sneak peeks at a few brand new video games, there was a little something for everyone. Then as a monstrous endcap to a star-studded even, Matt Reeves was on hand to give fans their first look at The Batman, even though the film is just a quarter completed by now due to coronavirus-related shutdowns. The full-length trailer Reeves debuted was subsequently uploaded to the associated social media accounts from Warner Brothers — except the filmmaker took it a step further.

Wanting to maintain the quality of the film, Reeves uploaded a version of the trailer to his personal Vimeo account, allowing fans to embrace the Caped Crusader and Gotham in full 4K quality. See it for yourself above.

During the FanDome panel, Reeves said he jumped at the chance to direct Warner Brothers' next Batman feature as he's been a fan of the character since his youth. "Look, I love Batman, and I've loved Batman since I was a kid and you know I never even imagined. You know when I began making movies that I would do genre movies because I just, I just love certain kinds of movies that were very character-based," the director said. "It's really interesting that, as I got deeper into genre I realized that that was a way to do very emotional stories, but under the guise of these sort of great mythic tales. In particular, what excited me and the thing I related to in the Batman story was that he isn't a superhero in the traditional sense. You know, he might have a kid but he can't fly he's, he's like you would mean but if he has a superpower."

"It's the ability to endure and not only have the ability but the kind of compulsion. And so, that idea of being that driven by your past, and by the things that you can't quite resolve in yourself," Reeves added. "Like he's a very alive character and to me to tell a version of Batman where, again, it wasn't about how we became Batman. But, it's about the early days of how he is Batman and he is so far from being perfect and watch us sort of see him becoming what we all know about him and see it in new ways. I felt like that was a way to do something that hasn't been done. And that was really what I was excited to be able to do in this iteration."

The Batman is currently set for release on October 1, 2021.

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