The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Returns To Set in New Photos

Robert Pattinson is back to work on The Batman in Liverpool after being sidelined by COVID-19. [...]

Robert Pattinson is back to work on The Batman in Liverpool after being sidelined by COVID-19. According to Yahoo, "The Twilight and Tenet star was spotted among the crew of the movie filming outside St George's Hall, opposite Lime Street station, which is doubling for Gotham City Hall." The scene shows Pattinson's Bruce Wayne attending a public funeral being protested by a number of Gotham's citizens. Production on The Batman halted when Pattinson tested positive for the virus in early September. Two weeks later, production resumed after Pattinson tested negative for the coronavirus. The film has since been delayed from 2021 to 2022.

Earlier this year, Pattinson talked about how he wants to push Batman to the character's limits. "The only thing that's more complicated is the rating," he said. "As soon as you make something an R-rated movie, you're freed up to do so much stuff. In terms of the character itself, I want to push it as far as it possibly can go. And I think Matt Reeves does as well. You can do crazy stuff with that part."

The Batman stars Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. Zoë Kravitz is playing Selina Kyle, the cat burglar known as Catwoman, who is sometimes romantically entangled with Batman. Paul Dano is Edward Nashton, a version of The Riddler. John Turturro is Carmine Falcone, a Gotham crime boss, while Collin Farrell plays Oswald "Oz" Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin.

Farrell recently discussed the film's script. "I have been watching the Batman films with my kids, but this script is something that feels incredibly original," he said. "It leans into it, but it doesn't borrow; it's born of the mythology of that character, Bruce Wayne, Batman, and Gotham. But it feels like a treatment and a version that I hadn't seen before. Matt Reeves has done an incredible job of keeping it familiar and, at the same time, unique and new. It's really exciting to be a part of it."

Warner Bros. rescheduled The Batman's release as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Director Matt Reeves remains confident in the process.

"It was going great," Reeves said in an interview in April. "We shot about a quarter of the movie so far; we have three quarters to go. And when the time is right, and it's safe to do so, we'll return to it. It was a really exciting period to be exploring. Robert is a fantastic actor, and we have so many great actors in it! It's been really, really exciting to go on this journey with them, and to feel like we are trying to do something different."

The Batman opens in theaters on March 4, 2022.