The Batman: Robert Pattinson Looked To Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr. As Examples

Robert Pattinson has begun his journey as The Batman for DC's next iteration of the popular super [...]

Robert Pattinson has begun his journey as The Batman for DC's next iteration of the popular super hero. The trilogy will be bringing Gotham City to life under the direction of Matt Reeves, existing in its own canon and resetting the rules and cast, once more. For Pattinson, becoming this super hero has been a task which required quite a bit of prep, aside from the super hero workout routine he recently revealed. Fortunately for the actor, he is not the first one to go through this process on a major platform and he has looked to some of the biggest names in the comic book movie genre as examples of the standard to hold yourself to.

"In every project I've ever taken on, I've come into it wanting to learn and achieve new things. That's usually in the embodiment of a character, and someone who has a different personality to me; but taking on a full physical transformation as well feels even more exciting," Pattinson said in an excerpt from Healthy For Men magazine which has made its way online. "Any actor will go through periods where they'll hesitate and question whether they can live up to a character in a script, or the expectations that go with it... You look at the true warriors of the superhero genre -- Hemsworth, The Rock, Downey Jr, Evans -- and wonder if you're putting yourself in the wrong place. And yet, having spoken to a few, I know everyone is nervous when the opportunity comes about."

Of course, Pattinson is referencing the actors who have portrayed Thor, Black Adam, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Under the direction of Reeves and with this attitude, it seems Pattinson can do no wrong in his efforts to become Bruce Wayne. It's an impressive level of self-awareness as he steps into the pantheon of actors to play the iconic Caped Crusader, a live-action role which has been occupied by Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, and Michael Keaton in movies before him.

The Batman is expected to resume production in London sooner than later after a shutdown in March called for a temporary halt. The shutdown did not come before the first look at Pattinson in the costume was released, though.

The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on October 1, 2021.