The Batman Has Not Resumed Production, Cast and Crew Quarantined (Update)

UPDATE: The previous report from Variety & Daily Mail has been refuted: Variety is now stating [...]

UPDATE: The previous report from Variety & Daily Mail has been refuted: Variety is now stating that The Batman's production is still on hold. The activity spotted on-set is reportedly select crew doing construction on sets and props over at Warner Bros. Studios in the UK. There currently is no set timeline for The Batman to resume production. The original story we reported appears below.

The Batman has resumed production in the UK, only without star Robert Pattinson, who was diagnosed with COVID-19. Daily Mail claims that production on The Batman has reportedly resumed at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, UK. Pattinson is currently on a mandatory 14-day quarantine; The Batman director Matt Reeves is reportedly trying to film as much of the film as he can without Pattinson, including scenes not featuring the actor, or sequences using his body double. Figures in the UK film production industry are reportedly standing behind the coronavirus safety measures being taken on film sets, including The Batman.

Here's what chief executive of the British Film Commission and Film London told Variety on the subject:

"We're confident that with all measures in place, any production will resume filming as soon as it's safe to do so. We also believe this will not impact production overall continuing in U.K., precisely because we have such robust health and safety measures operating, enabling our world-class film and high-end TV sector to get back up and running."

Lyndsay Duthie, CEO of the Production Guild of Great Britain added:

"The behavior of U.K. cast and crew have been exemplary. Wanting to return to work, everyone has embraced the comprehensive measures required of them and as a result many productions have been back on set and filming safely for weeks already. Where we have seen productions abroad where a cast or crew member has tested positive, precautions have been taken as required to enable them to start filming again as soon as they had the all clear... Production teams are resilient as already proven and will always find innovative ways to keep moving forwards. I think it is more of a sense of frustration, when all have worked so hard to comply to comprehensive measures."

The Batman Resumes Production Without Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was the second high-profile actor to reveal a COVID-19 diagnosis - the other being Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who also had a DC film (Black Adam) on the horizon. However, Pattinson's case has re-sparked the furious debate over whether the film and theater industries are rushing back into things, and prioritizing capitalist gains over the crucial health concerns.

Pattinson's diagnosis has already sparked a wave of social media jabs mocking the illusion of safety on film sets, which could potentially result in outcomes as disastrous as loss of life. Right now, Hollywood is in the same place as everyone else: trying to find the middle ground between resuming life and business, and still being wary of the virus threat.

You can read Warner Bros.' Statement on The Batman's shutdown HERE.

The Batman is slated for release in theaters on October 4, 2021.