The Dark Knight Returns Footage Shown At WonderCon

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One of the most eagerly anticipated events at this weekend's WonderCon was Friday night's exclusive world premiere of the animated feature Superman vs. The Elite. Not only were fans eager to get their first look at Superman vs. The Elite, but rumors had been circulating that there might be footage shown of another upcoming Warner Bros. movie. While many were expecting a surprise showing of footage from The Dark Knight Rises live-action movie, what they got instead was a surprise showing of footage from the animated The Dark Knight Returns movie. The Dark Knight Returns is an adaptation of a classic four issue comic book limited series by Frank Miller, which was originally published back in the eighties. Even though fans didn't get a look at The Dark Knight Rises, early feedback on Twitter suggests that they were not disappointed by The Dark Knight Returns footage. Tweets about the Dark Knight Returns were overwhelmingly positive, describing the footage as "epic," "awesome," "perfect," "really well done," and "one of the best Batman animated projects yet." The Dark Knight Returns will also apparently be the next animated film from the DC Universe after Superman vs. The Elite.