Dolph Lundgren Brings Bernie Sanders Into The Expendables 4

If you've been on the Internet at all in recent days, odds are that you've seen a handful of memes [...]

If you've been on the Internet at all in recent days, odds are that you've seen a handful of memes regarding Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders made headlines last Wednesday following his appearance at Joe Biden's presidential election, during which he could be seen wearing an overcoat and a pair of handmade mittens. The practical nature of Sanders' wardrobe - plus the way he was spotted sitting in his chair during one moment of the inauguration - quickly went viral, and launched a firestorm of pop culture-inspired memes in the process. The latest comes courtesy of actor Dolph Lundgren, who took to Instagram over the weekend to share a photo of Sanders joining the Expendables franchise.

Sanders' meme status has been the subject of multiple interviews in the days since the inauguration, with the Senator telling CBS This Morning that he was more concerned with being comfortable during the event than anything else.

"Well, you know, in Vermont, we dress warm — we know something about the cold, and we're not so concerned about good fashion, we want to keep warm, and that's what I did today," Sanders revealed.

The photo has over 150,000 likes on Instagram alone, with a lot of fans being delighted by the idea of Sanders jokingly joining the franchise.

Meanwhile, The Expendables franchise is set to potentially expand in an array of different ways, including a fourth installment that was most recently confirmed to be in the works last year. A female-fronted spinoff, The ExpendaBelles, has also been a possibility since 2012. There's also The Expendables: A Christmas Story, a spinoff surrounding Jason Statham's Lee Christmas, which was announced last year.

"You gotta understand where [writer-director Sylvester] Stallone was at the time," fellow Expendables star Terry Crews said in a 2018 interview. "He was trying to get this thing done, they're like, 'Dude, you're in your sixties. How you gonna do an action movie?' All the studios turned it down. So Sly starts calling people. And he starts getting a buzz going. And this is also in the first days of getting viral energy in the internet. So what Sly started to do was tweet out, 'How would you like to see me, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, in a movie together?' And the internet went crazy."

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