Nicole Kidman's The Others Being Adapted Into Spanish-Language TV Series

It's proving to be a big year for the Nicole Kidman-starring horror movie The Others from 2001, as [...]

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It's proving to be a big year for the Nicole Kidman-starring horror movie The Others from 2001, as a new report from Variety confirms that the film is being developed into a Spanish-language TV series. There is currently no network planned for the series or any filmmakers attached, so horror fans likely shouldn't anticipate the project to debut anywhere until 2021 at the earliest. This is only the latest project that aims to replicate the success of the gothic thriller, as it was confirmed earlier this year that there is also a feature-film adaptation of the concept currently being developed.

"We are honored to bring an unimaginable remake for the Spanish-speaking audience," BTF Media's Ivonne Vela shared in a statement about producing the project. "It is incredible how a story written 20 years ago is still resonating today: Themes such as self-isolation, paranoia, and fear, together with the intense desire to protect our children and ourselves from harm are more current than ever."

Set in 1945, the movie follows a mother (Kidman) who is tasked with taking care of her children in their massive mansion as her husband is away at the war. When a group of mysterious servants appear looking for work, the mother is quick to make good use of them, despite the medical condition of her children that makes them painfully sensitive to bright light. The arrival of these new workers coincides with bizarre events beginning to unfold, hinting that there could be many more residents of this Victorian home.

"We are pleased to work again with BTF, one of the most active production companies that focuses on great storytelling and production quality," executive producer Guido Rud added.

The film went on to earn more than $200 million at the worldwide box office, while also earning seven Goya Awards, the national awards organization in Spain. Kidman also scored herself BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards nominations for her performance in the film.

Given the insular nature of the film, we won't be surprised if, rather than being a re-telling of the narrative which culminates in a surprising twist, the new series could aim to replicate a program like Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House and deviate away from traditional scares to develop a complex dramatic narrative set within the world of the supernatural.

Stay tuned for details on The Others TV series.

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