Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain Netflix Special Trailer Revealed

Thomas & Friends are back with an all-new special, and it's headed to Netflix. Today Mattel and Netflix have revealed new details on Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain, and it will hit Netflix in the United States and Canada on Saturday, April 1st. The new special will feature the Thomas & Friends crew heading to Lookout Mountain to find the connection to cars that have recently gone missing in the mines, and a thrilling adventure full of twists and turns awaits them once they arrive. The new special will also feature the newest addition to the franchise Bruno the Brake Car, who is the franchise's first autistic character, and was introduced in All Engines Go in September. You can check out the new trailer below.

"We are excited to bring the fun and excitement of Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain to fans, as the special marks Bruno's first appearance in a Thomas & Friends movie," said executive producer Fred Soulie, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Mattel Television. "By further acquainting audiences with the pun-loving red brake car, we hope the special will make a positive impact on children and parents during Autism Acceptance Month."

"It's been full steam ahead ever since we partnered with Mattel to produce the reimagined 2D animated Thomas & Friends series, and we've received spectacular feedback on the fun storylines and physical comedy," said Pam Westman, President at Nelvana. "Bruno the Brake Car is such an important character, and we're proud of the warm reception he has received. This special allows us to emphasize the significance of this loving character, not only within this franchise but throughout children's programming globally."

You can watch the new special on Netflix on April 1st, and you can also watch it through broadcast on Canada's Treehouse TV on April 2nd and Cartoonito on Cartoon Network on April 3rd. You can find the official description for Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain below.

"When cars go missing in the Mines, Thomas and Percy think they have a perfect adventure for the Biggest Adventure Club. But then they uncover that there was a similar problem at Lookout Mountain years ago. Thomas and friends set out to solve the two-headed mystery. Their search takes them under waterfalls, into unknown tunnels, new Crystal Caverns and ultimately brings the kids face to face with a mythical Mine Monster!

(Photo: Mattel)

Purposeful, Playful Stories – Age-appropriate themes brought to life in a comedic and playful way have always been at the heart of Thomas content. The series will continue to deliver meaningful life lessons. For Thomas, the "high road" is not always the easy choice, but it is making that choice that positions him as a role model for young viewers.

A Penchant for Physical Comedy – Making the most of 2D animation, the characters will be brought to life in ways never seen before. Engines can shake, move, and wiggle out of any wacky scenario, whether it is an avalanche or simply avoiding a family of ducks that suddenly appears up ahead. Audiences will see flips, flops, and sensational acrobatics on a regular basis in this new 2D world."

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