Tom Hanks Reads Nice Tweets For Thanksgiving

Twitter and social media, in general, can be a rough place at times, so much so that there's [...]

Twitter and social media, in general, can be a rough place at times, so much so that there's plenty of material to choose from when compiling mean tweets or savage takedown lists. That said, it can also be a place to share amazing experiences and examples of goodwill too, and who better to provide examples of that than one of the nicest people in Hollywood Tom Hanks. Hanks will be bringing the beloved Mr. Rogers to life in a new film, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to read some nice tweets.

First up was a tweet from Cody Bondarchuk, who revealed that people who ended up buying McNuggets from his McDonalds got an extra nugget just because. "I worked at McDonald's for two and a half years and I put 11 nuggets in almost every 10-piece I made," the tweet read, to which Hanks said "Bravo, that's a nice thing to do."

Next up was a story from Iman about a courteous person on a train "The guy next to me on the train was watching the office, so naturally I not so subtly watched along. He noticed me watching with him and turned on the subtitles. I hope he knows that I would die for him tbh," Iman wrote.

After that was a tweet from Alex Reiley who remembers having her day made better by a surprise from her dad. "I got broken up with today and I came home to this." The image featured a heart-shaped cookie cake that said: "You're still my #1 Love Dad".

Hanks also added that the person who broke up with her was a dope.

Next was a tweet from Mielebee, who told a story about her cat. "An old lady took a photo of my cat Chips, went to the trouble of getting it developed and then put it in our letterbox this morning," Mielebee wrote.

Next up was a tweet by WeRateDogs, who introduced the world to Bear the puppy who finds stranded and lost Koalas, and you may commence to crying tears of joy now.

"This is Bear. He was abandoned as a puppy due to his OCD, but quickly found a new life as a koala detection dog. As wildfires devastate Australia's east coast, Bear is doing his best to locate any injured or misplaced koalas. He's their unexpected savior, and our thirteenth 15/10."

Yeah, that's just adorable.

Last but certainly not least is a tweet by Sana, who recalled a nice gesture by a fellow student. "Told this guy who sits next to me in dental class abt how I skip lunch just to get to class on time and the next day he pulls out a hot chicken shawarma out of his bag for me sayin he doesn't want me to be hungry is he in love with me yes or no."

Your day is loads better now right? Yeah, we thought so. Way to go Hanks.