Transformers Star Breaks Silence on Next Movie: "Transformers Has Transformed"

Anthony Ramos, the star of In the Heights, will lead the next Transformers movie. He seems more [...]

Anthony Ramos, the star of In the Heights, will lead the next Transformers movie. He seems more than ready to join the sci-fi universe. Now that In the Heights in front of audiences, Ramos is preparing to stand alongside those giant robots. Ramos stars in the Bumblebee follow-up opposite co-lead Dominique Fishback. Nothing of the film's plot is known for now. Still, fans expect it will follow the stylistic and tonal changes that Bumblebee implemented in the franchise. With In the Heights now in theaters, Ramos is working on Transformers next. He tells Variety, "I just started Transformers, so I'll talk to you hopefully in a few months and I'll let you know which one ended up being harder."

Ramos didn't share much in the way of details but did say fans can expect something different from the new movie, which Steven Caple Jr. directs. "It was Shia LaBeouf, Mark Wahlberg and Hallie Steinfeld and [now] me," Ramos said. "It's very different. Dominique Fishback — it's very different. Transformers has transformed!"

Ramos continued, "Steven Caple Jr. is a visionary, I cannot wait for people to see this man flex and really show everybody the fullness of his glory. We got some things cooking up for y'all, y'all don't even know."

Caple is directing from a script written by Jacoby Harold, Darnell Metayer, and Josh Peters. Paramount Pictures greenlit the film following Bumblebee's success. Fans noted how Bumblebee more fully embraced the original Transformers cartoon's look and tone. In addition, one of the film's producers already confirmed that the sequel would include iconic Autobots leader Optimus Prime.

"We are already working on two projects and both have scripts under development," Lorenzo Di Bonaventura told Japanese outlet Cinema. "One is the latest in the main family series following the events of Transformers: The Last Knight and the other is a sequel to Bumblebee. So, we are thinking of films where Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be the buddies, but when Optimus and Bumblebee are the movies of the protagonists … how human beings get involved in their drama In the first place, the size is different between human beings and their's …. It's a worrying point (laughs)."

The Bumblebee sequel is one of several Transformers movies in the works. Paramount Pictures is developing a prequel film. There were also plans for a shared Hasbro cinematic universe involving G.I. Joe and other popular toy properties. If you want a classic Transformers cinema experience, The Transformers: The Movie will soon make its 4k UHD Blu-ray debut.