New Transformers Movie Title Revealed

Today Paramount gave us our first details about the next Transformers movie, and Beast Wars fans [...]

Today Paramount gave us our first details about the next Transformers movie, and Beast Wars fans are going to flip their lid. The title has been revealed to be Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, and during the presentation, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Steven Caple Jr. gave us even more to get excited about. We learned that your favorite Beast Wars characters and factions will be in play in the project, and the focus was on doing new things with the franchise and bringing elements that fans haven't seen yet to the big screen. It makes sense then that the franchise is now leaning so heavily into Beast Wars.

"We wanted to give the audience a lot of new," Bonaventura said. We have exhausted I would say the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. How do we find a new set of villains and priorities, saving the world is left to the Autobots and in this case the Maximals. Part of the new news, if you've seen the other movies, you're going to see villains you've never seen before and a lot of elements we've never done before."

We also learned that the film will take place in 1994, and they also revealed who the main hero of this film will be, and that will be none other than Optimus Prime. The design is very G1, with the big pops of color throughout the suit but with a modern flair.

"I care so much about this character and I saw Bumblebee. I wanted to get underneath the metal if you will and explore his experience on earth, and he's my main robot, are we going G1, yes, we are going G1 Optimus Prime," Caple Jr. said.

It won't just be Autobots and Decepticons though, and it's time to make way for some new factions that fans will recognize.

"We wanted to expand the universe, you have the Autobots and the Decepticons, and I would say my new flair to this is the Terracons," Caple Jr. said. "The Terracons are a new threat to Optimus Prime, and it's something I pride myself on when entering the franchise. I've done Rocky with Creed, and you bring the nostalgia that fans want, but also bring something they aren't expecting, and the Terracons are that."

You'll also see the Predacons. "The Predacons in our film are more reptilian in nature. We've seen a few in the other Transformers films, but we've never had the chance to focus in on their logo, their tribe if you will, and we get to see another side to them," Caple Jr. said. "It's all about building a backstory to these characters that are more than just 'let's take over the world'".