‘Underworld’ Star Kate Beckinsale Hospitalized with Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Underworld star Kate Beckinsale was hospitalized Saturday from a ruptured ovarian cyst.“Turns [...]

Underworld star Kate Beckinsale was hospitalized Saturday from a ruptured ovarian cyst.

"Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry," the 45-year-old actress shared in an Instagram post accompanied by two pictures captured in her hospital room. "So thankful to everyone who looked after me."

In response to one commentator criticizing Beckinsale for snapping a "selfie," Beckinsale wrote, "It's actually not a selfie. My mum took it. In fact I would not have posted it if we had not noticed someone in a car taking a photo of me leaving the hospital in a wheelchair."

She added, "I have Instagram largely to have my own honest narrative and not have to always be ambushed by stories that come out that are invented, I'd prefer to say what happened than endure speculation and so I chose to share.

"I agree, it's not a normal impulse. But it's not normal to be photographed in vulnerable situations by people you don't know either. (If you were interested in knowing the provenance of this, which, you probably are not.)"

Ruptured cysts can cause bleeding severe pain in the lower stomach and, in rare cases, may need surgery.

Beckinsale, who next stars in Amazon Studios thriller The Widow, once passed on the role of Wonder Woman long before the DC Comics superheroine headlined the 2017 blockbuster where she was played by Gal Gadot.

"The incarnations that I was seeing were… they weren't this one," Beckinsale told Yahoo in 2017.

"I don't know if I was desperate to be in a leotard. I'd already done the rubber trousers. You have to take in that you have a child at some point and how much could you possibly embarrass them."

She later admitted she had no regrets passing on the early 2000s incarnation of the project, which Beckinsale said "would have been a terrible movie based on the script that I read."