Kate Beckinsale's 'The Widow' Trailer Released

The first trailer for Amazon Studios' all-new thriller series The Widow has debuted, delivering audiences a tease of the complicated mystery the series will explore. Check out the trailer above and tune into the series premiere on March 1st.

In the series, "Has she lost everything or is she chasing a ghost? Kate Beckinsale stars as Georgia Wells, and is on the hunt to uncover answers surrounding her husband’s mysterious disappearance."

Following in the footsteps of stars like John Krasinski with Jack Ryan and Julia Roberts in Homecoming, Beckinsale is the latest performer to lend her talents to an original Amazon series. She likely won't be the last, as Amazon Studios is becoming a major competitor in the TV landscape, competing with the likes of Netflix and HBO when it comes to enticing A-list talent.

Beckinsale's breakout role was in the horror series Underworld as werewolf hunter Selene, which kicked off in 2003. While the actress starred in five of the films, she previously revealed she didn't plan to return.

When asked by Variety if she would ever consider returning to the franchise, Beckinsale bluntly stated, "I wouldn’t return. I’ve done plenty of those."

Earlier in the interview, she described what drew her to a project, citing it typically boiled down to the script and the filmmaker. While she didn't specifically single out the Underworld franchise, she hinted that big blockbusters were, at times, difficult experiences.

"I’ve done indie movies where I’m sitting on a piece of folded carpet and it was wonderful. I’ve done great big movies that were the worst misery of my life. It all depends," Beckinsale admitted. "At university, I studied Russian and French. I never studied drama, so I always felt like from the beginning of my career that it was an apprenticeship. That freed me up to try a lot of things. It gave me a lot of latitude. I started out in the indie space. I never anticipated doing one of those heavy-weight, very physical franchise things. It was scary to see myself on movie posters on the side of every single bus."

Looking back at Beckinsale's career will reveal a number of big-budget projects, such as Pearl Harbor, Van Helsing, and Total Recall. However, it seems pretty evident that, when it comes to "physical franchise things," she's hinting at her involvement in the Underworld franchise, which began in 2003 and continued up through 2017.


Check out Beckinsale in The Widow when it premieres on March 1st.

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