Valiant Boss Says Valiant Cinematic Universe Will Be "Scorsese-Friendly"

Despite Bloodshot falling short with what most would consider a poor outing at the box office, it [...]

Despite Bloodshot falling short with what most would consider a poor outing at the box office, it appears Valiant Entertainment is fully committed to crafting a Valiant Cinematic Universe on the silver screen. In fact, DMG boss Dan Mintz — the overseer of the company that owns Valiant Entertainment — says that if Martin Scorsese would ever direct a superhero, it would be one in the upcoming movie world.

In a recent sitdown with Deadline, Mintz says that while Marvel and DC will continue to build massive tentpole features each summer, Valiant is going to strive to make budget-conscious, character-driven features from the publisher's massive stable of characters. In other words, the production house will be putting together the no-nonsense films Scorsese is known for directing.

"You watch one of his movies like Goodfellas or Casino, you feel like you've lived a lifetime. You can see why these characters make the decision there because you're seeing them in that environment. They're not good or bad or right or wrong. They just are," Mintz says. "You almost suspend judgment at a certain time and I think it's very real. I think there's something about that, that we can relate to. It hits a different timber in you and attracts you in a different way. I believe it's in a time right now when everything's so big and over the top in a certain respect."

While the movies in the Valiant Cinematic Universe will still have that classic comic book adventure and charm, Mintz says the offerings will receive at least a little groundedness. "You still need that big, epic adventure, but you need to grounding. I think that's what a lot of people were reacting to when they see the old school filmmakers," the executive adds. "Maybe they might look at it and go, "Oh, a bunch of things blowing up and people flying around and whatever." But again, it's the format that they're reacting to or seeing in a way. What it really comes down to is the story and the characters, obviously. That is something that I think Valiant will show on a next, deeper level."

The Vin Diesel-starring Bloodshot ended up grossing just under $28.5 million worldwide against a reported budget of $45M. The movie was one of the few to debut at the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, only running about a week in theaters before Sony ended up pushing it to VOD.

Bloodshot is now available wherever movies are sold.

Cover photo by Mike Coppola/FilmMagic