Get Vinyl Soundtracks for Popular Movies and Games up to 60% Off


Vinyl soundtracks for movies, video games, and TV shows are popular around these parts, so we've been waiting for a big sale to happen. ThinkGeek has finally delivered.

Right now you can save up to 60% off on some of the hottest soundtracks on vinyl. We highly suggest that you dive into the entire sale right now because stock won't last long, but if you can risk waiting another second, we've picked out some gems to get you started:

Star Wars - The Ultimate Vinyl Collection: $89.99 - 25% off
Voyager Golden Record Vinyl 3LP Box Set: $74.99 - 25% off
Cuphead Soundtrack Vinyl 4LP: $101.99 - 15% off
Legend of Zelda Hero of Time Vinyl 2LP: $35.99 - 20% off
Persona 5 Essential Edition Vinyl 4LP: $93.99 - 15% off
Dark Souls I, II, III Exclusive Double LPs: $20.99 - 40% off
Stranger Things Deluxe Edition Volumes 1 and 2: $26.99 - 40% off

Again, the clock is ticking on this vinyl sale so head on over to ThinkGeek and grab all of your favorites while you can!

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