Waterworld TV Series In The Works

Waterworld is getting a TV series according to some recent reports. Collider says that producers [...]

Waterworld is getting a TV series according to some recent reports. Collider says that producers John Davis are working on a show that charts the universe's evolution over the time since the first film. Dan Trachtenberg is aboard to direct the project as well. Davis said, "We're going to do the streaming version of that movie, the continuation of that movie." Kevin Costner played the mysterious protagonist The Mariner in the original feature. In a world where the Earth flooded after the polar ice caps melted, The Mariner tries to help a woman and her daughter try to find mythical land. 20 years is a long time in any world, so expect some developments to keep the characters on their toes. While a notable box office bomb in its original iteration, the movie has reached a kind of cult status among film fans because of the wild details surrounding the hit production. In a world where a lot of shows get their start from classic movies, this should do well too.

"We're not 100% sure on the approach to the show. But definitely, we're in the building stages right now," John Fox said. "For now, it's at Universal Television, and we are putting it together. But yes, we think it already has a home… We're talking to folks, but nobody locked in yet. Dan's attached, we're breaking the story now and we're talking to a few different writers. And we should have a writer locked in, I would think, over the next couple of weeks."

Davis added, "Larry Gordon and myself, we're the producers on that movie. And with John, we are all re-imagining it for the streaming version."

Check out the official description for the movie right here.

"The most expensive film ever made at the time of its release, Waterworld has thrilled audiences through the years with its awe-inspiring action scenes, gargantuan maritime sets and ground-breaking special effects. A definitive post-apocalypse blockbuster, Waterworld stars Kevin Costner (The Untouchables) as The Mariner - a mutant trader, adrift in a dystopian future where Earth is submerged under water and humankind struggles to survive on boats and in ramshackle floating cities. The Mariner becomes embroiled with the Smokers, a gang of pirates who, led by villainous leader Deacon (Dennis Hopper, Blue Velvet), are seeking Enola (Tina Majorino, Napoleon Dynamite), a girl with a map to the mythical realm of Dryland tattooed on her back."

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