Will Smith Launches Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Clothing Line

It is good to be Will Smith right now as he's coming off a fun performance in Aladdin and turning heads with Gemini Man. But, now the Fresh Prince is giving all the fans a chance to cop some new Will Smith merch. All of the collection is based on the Bel-Air Academy Physical Education gear from a couple of episodes of the hit sitcom. There are some definite callbacks other than the name though.

One of the funniest bits from early Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is when Will decides to put his own spin on the stuffy school uniform he will now have to wear in each class. He takes the very standard blue blazer and flips it inside out to show off that funky paisley lining for everyone to see. Smith decided to make the track jacket in this collection show off the same reversible feature.

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I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it. Then I put it on sale. NEW @FRESHPRINCE MERCH! willsmith.com

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Other selections from the pieces are standard athletic wear, which should do well judging by how many people snapped up the Nike collaboration with Stranger Things earlier this year. Fans will quickly remember the Bel-Air academy team jerseys from "Courting Disaster." That one featured the infamous moment that Carlton decided to play the hero and completely miss a shot that cost his team an important game. Throwback PE gear has been a big trend this year with everyone looking backward to the comfort clothes of yesteryear. Heck, the actor even has socks with the school's crest on them.

In other Smith news, the actor is leaning all the way into the whole throwback movement as Bad Boys For Life inches closer to release. The film released a new poster just this week, and fans are pumped to see Martin Lawrence and Smith together again on the big screen. In a few months' time, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett will be ready for another round of pulse-pounding action and firefights as the duo stands side by side again.


If that weren't enough, the Fresh Prince star is also teaming up with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland for Spies in Disguise as well. Blue Sky's new animated feature stars the veteran actor as super-spy Lance Sterling. Holland plays a younger scientist named Walter Beckett who is charged with helping Sterling battle a new enemy. That will prove to be a crowd-pleaser with so many established actors lending their voice talents to the proceedings. So sit back and relax Will Smith fans, there is plenty of content heading your way at the beginning of 2020.