Wonder Woman 1984 Opening Scene Released Online

Wonder Woman 1984 has experienced a wild ride this year as the sequel has bounced around a few [...]

Wonder Woman 1984 has experienced a wild ride this year as the sequel has bounced around a few release dates. Despite the ongoing pandemic, the long-awaited sequel will debut next Friday to ring in Christmas at theaters and on HBO Max. Of course, this hybrid release has stirred lots of discussion, but fans are eager to get a look at Wonder Woman 1984 ASAP. And thanks to HBO Max, the film's opening sequence has been released.

You can check out the clip below as HBO Max shared the exclusive reel. The clip is gorgeous as you can see for yourself. It begins much like Wonder Woman did a few years back as fans are introduced to a young Diana, but the circumstances of this flashback are different this time around.

The young Diana is shown running through a forest as she heads for a coliseum in the middle of the island. The arena is loaded with Amazons who are watching a contest of strength, and the feats shown by the competitors are no joke. As the clip continues, Diana is shown standing ready to take on one of the contest's most difficult events, and she is joined by Antiope.

The heroine, who is played by Robin Wright, approaches Diana and tells the young girl to do her best. Even if she fails, the Amazonian general warns Diana that greatness is not what she thinks it is. The sequence then blazes forward with Diana running once the event begins, and it cuts in with several scenes shown from the trailers of present-day Diana running down a busy city street.

This sneak-peek is just the kind of gift fans needed this holiday season, and it has fans more hyped than ever to check out Wonder Woman 1984. The sequel is set to debut on Christmas Day, so netizens will want to get their HBO Max subscriptions figured out before the DC Comics legend hops to the small screen. That is, if they aren't planning to check out the sequel in theaters where available.

What do you make of this gorgeous opening scene? How hyped are you for this sequel to Wonder Woman? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.