Wonder Woman 1984: Chris Pine Explains How Dying Changes Steve Trevor

Wonder Woman 1984 reunites Diana Prince and Steve Trevor after the latter sacrificed himself in [...]

Wonder Woman 1984 reunites Diana Prince and Steve Trevor after the latter sacrificed himself in favor of saving the world in the first Wonder Woman movie. With Gal Gadot and Chris Pine reuniting on set, both of their characters have undergone significant changes in the time since we last saw them. Pine's Trevor literally died and, as you can imagine, that might change a person. However, in talking to Pine, it turns out that some of the biggest changes to Steve Trevor actually stem from the change in time period rather than the events which transpired at the end of Wonder Woman.

"[Director Patty Jenkins] and I, to create the quality of wonder that Steve has, there was a lot of, you know... imagine a mushroom trip, or imagine, you know, there were a lot of 'as ifs,' to, you know, how do you look at an escalator for the first time and go like, 'What the hell is this?' And how can you process it?" Pine points out in the video above. "How do you digest that experience? So, it was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be." Sequences throughout the film see Steve in several sequences where he has to adapt to like in 1984, ranging from trying on the latest fashion trends to learning about art. See our full interview with Chris Pine in the video above!

While talking to ComicBook.com on the set of Wonder Woman 1984, Pine was not willing to pass judgement on the execution of Steve' return. He wants to leave that up to you.

"You can decide whether it's the right way or not," a tightlipped Pine, still wearing his jumpsuit from the set, said back in 2018. "I love Patty and I love Gal and that I'm working on this film. I think it's romantic and old-fashioned in the best way and simple in the best way and doesn't reinvent the wheel in the best way. It's just a great, good old fashioned storytelling. So, right? I have no idea, but I know that anytime Patty pitches something with me, she can pitch me anything. She's the single best pitcher of ideas I've ever come across in the history of pitching."

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Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters and HBO Max on December 25.