Almost Human Season 1 Episode 6 Sneak Preview: Arrhythmia

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After the "Blood Brothers" episode of Almost Human, FOX released a sneak preview of next week's episode, which is called "Arrhythmia." In the "Arrhythmia" episode of Almost Human, Detective John Kennex and Dorian respond to a suspicious death at a hospital where - before having a fatal cardiac arrest - a man claimed someone was trying to kill him, and inexplicably knew his exact time of death. As the investigation unfolds, a black market for vital organs is uncovered in which bio-mechanical hearts can be resold and remotely "shut off." As the team fights to find the pulse of this tech-centric crime, Dorian reconnects with a decommissioned DRN. Almost Human cast includes Karl Urban as John Kennex, Michael Ealy as Dorian, Minka Kelly as Detective Valerie Stahl, Mackenzie Crook as Rudy Lom, Michael Irby as Detective Richard Paul, and Lili Taylor as Captain Sandra Maldonado. "Arrhythmia" episode of Almost Human airs on Monday, December 16 from 8 PM to 9 PM ET/PT on FOX.