Amazing X-Men #8 Preview: Kicking Off World War Wendigo

Amazing X-Men #1

Marvel Comics has released a preview of Amazing X-Men #8, by the new creative team of writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost and artist Ed McGuinness. The issue kicks off the brand new storyline "World War Wendigo," guest starring Alpha Flight.

New Creative Team! This June, fan-favorite X-writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost join blockbuster artist Ed McGuinness for an all-new arc of Marvel mutant mayhem in AMAZING X-MEN #8! Though Nightcrawler has returned to them, there is no rest for the X-Men. A return trip to Canada leads Wolverine to a hairy situation as the search for a missing friend brings him face to face with a horde of bloodthirsty Wendigo! One Wendigo is enough to stop even the strongest heroes dead in their tracks. What hope to the X-Men have against an entire army? Even the combined strength of the X-Men and guest stars Alpha Flight may still not be enough to stop the coming assault! Don't miss both teams prepare for battle as the pulse-pounding new 'World War Wendigo' arc kicks off this June in AMAZING X-MEN #8!

#8 ships this June.