Amelia Cole Story to Be Included in CBLDF's Free Comic Book Day Offering


Monkeybrain Comics generally only see print when they've completed a story arc and reached enough issues to fill a trade paperback big enough to sell in the bookstore market--but that's going to change for Amelia Cole this spring. That's because the fan-favorite series is one of the titles selected for inclusion in the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's CBLDF Defend Comics this May. The short (two-page) print story will be done by the regular team of writers Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride with artist Nick Brokenshire, letterer Rachel Deering and colorist Ruiz Moreno. You can see what Knave had to say about on his blog (reblogged by Kirkbride) below: Free Comic Book Day. We all love it. We all should. It's a day of celebration and education, bringing in new people to our wonderful world of comics and showing off how great we are. Even cooler, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund does a FCBD offering. If you don't give money to the CBLDF, you should consider it. They do important, and amazing, work. BUT ANYWAY! This year - Team Amelia has been asked to contribute a story. That's right. Free Comic Book Day 2014, the CBLDF DEFEND COMICS issue will have a brand new, never-before-seen Amelia Cole 2 page story, written, drawn, lettered, and colored by the usual suspects. We can not begin to express how honored and excited we are to be a part of this. This is a thing, a thing that is happening. Amelia Cole just wrapped its second miniseries, The Hidden War, and will return in February with a third volume.