Aquaman Movie Starts Pre-Production This Month

Production on Marvel's buddy pic Thor: Ragnarok wrapped up filming on the Gold Coast last week, [...]

Production on Marvel's buddy pic Thor: Ragnarok wrapped up filming on the Gold Coast last week, celebrated with a live video from the last day on set.

Now, according to Gold Coast Bulletin, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Willem Defoe and director James Wan are heading to the Gold Coast to start pre-production on DC's Aquaman.

This leaves us wondering if Thor and Aquaman will cross paths, making for an interesting battle! God of Thunder versus King of the Seven Seas?

Aquaman And Mera

Aquaman, which has been described as a "swashbucklin action-adventure" will go into pre-production on the lot at Village Roadshow Studios later this month once crew members finish dismantling the epic sets used for Marvel's rival comic/film blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok.

The King of Atlantis will be filming alongside Amber Heard as Mera, Willem Dafoe as Atlantean politician Nuidis Vulko, and the rumoured would-be villain Black Manta.

Momoa just wrapped up filming on DC Films upcoming movie Justice League, where he is no longer the butt of all superhero jokes.

When Momoa was cast as Aquaman, director James Wan commented:

"I actually think it's a brilliant move on Zack (Snyder) and co. to cast someone like Jason. Immediately, the whole joke aspect of Aquaman goes out the window. You have such a muscular, superhero-y character and one that is almost, to me, in some ways ... I look at him, he's kind of the Wolverine in some respect."

The film which is based on Geoff Johns comic book run from 2001-2003, is rumored to have Black Manta as the main big bad. Johns basically took a joke of a superhero and turned him into a badass in his Aquaman comic series.

The film's writers include director Wan, Johns, Will Beal, Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger.

Aquaman (Momoa) is the King of the Seven Seas. Leader of Atlantis, he is caught between the surface world constantly ravaging the seas and Atlanteans looking to lash out in revolt. Aquaman is committed to protecting the entire world. This film is part of WB's shared DC cinematic universe.